How Canadian Culture Shaped Us
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24th April 2017

We’re bringing a little Canadian style from across the pond to Leeds!

Canada is a country rich in natural beauty, it’s bursting with style and it’s enjoying a design revival as the trends are moving towards interiors with more character. They’re all about fusing colour and individual personality in your home – not trying to make everything picture perfect but wanting to make things individualistic as opposed to everything looking the same.

This is exactly why we love Canada – because these are Maple ideals too. Creating something individual for you is our key mission.

So we’ve embraced our maple leaf, and Canadian design culture and have named our houses in our new Woodhouse Vale development after Canadian Provinces. The first to be released are The Burnaby, The Langford and The Rossland.

A few interesting facts about why we think these names are lucky…

  • Burnaby natives include Michael Bublé and he’s done alright for himself!
  • In the early 1860s, the region of Langford experienced a gold rush – wonder what we might dig up…?
  • Rossland has produced some of Canada’s best ski racers – we love a bit of ambition and sporting talent – a region producing superstar sportspeople is all right by us!

Apart from all that Canada is fast becoming one of the most eco friendly & sustainable nations and nowhere is this more evident than within the latest upsurge of energy efficient homes springing up. We are taking their lead here too and we are excited to work with our buyers to incorporate green features such as solar panels and energy efficient tech into their homes, upon request. The biggest benefit of an energy efficient home is the level of comfort the home offers. There is less temperature variation from room to room, the home is more airtight, which reduces drafts, and the home is better ventilated.

We hope you’ll let us share with you some of these qualities we hold dear, as we bring some Canadian style to Leeds!

By Jo Swann in Homes

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