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24th February 2017

As one of the first activities that sees us get involved in supporting our local communities we are delighted to announce we have signed up to sponsor the Hunslet Warriors ARLFC for 2017.

Connecting communities in Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire

One of our directors actually used to go to school with the coach of the Hunslet Warriers, and they’ve got many a rugby story to tell between them. They both know how great that sense of camaraderie and team spirit can be. It’s great to see the boys coming back together as ‘grown ups’ now to benefit a great cause. We are big believers of sport being able to really bring a community together so are very excited to be involved in the Hunslet Warriors new season.

Supporting local sport in Hunslet, Leeds

Maple is to be the proud sponsors of kit across all the following teams – the open age kit of the teams – the first team of which play in the National Conference League Division 1 and the second team playing in the Yorkshire Mens League; the under 16 kit; the under 11 kit and all open age after match hoodies and polo shirts.

Also look out for our sponsorship of boards at the grounds.

Damian Mawson, coach Hunslet Warriors ARLFC said:We are a busy club, with hundreds of passionate kids – but we can’t function alone and need community support to thrive. We are all self funded and have to find ways to raise money through sponsorship or fundraising. This support from Maple is huge blessing for us and takes some of the pressure off so we can get down to providing the best training for the kids.

For more info follow the team on twitter at @hunsletwarrior1

Regular involvement in sport is proven to benefit individuals and communities and contribute to a range of positive outcomes including:

  • More local people participating as volunteers in community life
  • Local people having a greater voice and influence over decision-making
  • More inclusive communities that value diversity
  • More sustainable communities with local pride and a sense of place
  • A reduction in youth offending and anti-social behaviour
  • An increase in culture of respect and tolerance among young people
  • A reduction in crime and in alcohol and drug misuse
  • A reduction in the fear of crime
  • Young people’s participation in sport improves their numeracy scores by 8% on average above non-participants
  • Underachieving young people who take part in sport see a 29% increase in numeracy skills and a 12 to 16% rise in other transferable skills


Martin Smith, Maple Homes Director said:Building in Hunslet we are aware that there is a very tight knit community here, and from day 1 we want to be a positive impact on this. Sport is a passion for all of the team, so this made a lot of sense as a good place to start!”.

By Maple Homes in Community

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