What's our story

Built on strong foundations

You are very much a part of the team building your house, but here's an insight into the company that will be working their socks off to provide you with a home that gives you more.


Catherine brings a welcome female perspective to the team. With her organisational prowess and obsession for perfection she keeps the team in check. Catherine works across administration, marketing and sales support, so it's quite likely you'll have the pleasure of chatting to her at some point!


Tom has many years experience in the building trade, from site managing large developments to project managing self-builds for clients - he's seen all sides of the coin. He uses his knowledge to feed into the logistics of the build, managing the time fames, suppliers and contractors to ensure budgets and deadlines are met.


Martin has been in the building trade for as long as he can remember. He's the man with the tricks of the trade, the tried and tested methods and the all weather hands that prove he's not afraid of hard work! He's hands on, and he's excited about working with you to help you uncover the bespoke options for your home.


Michael is the man in charge of getting you great value for money. He works across the whole build project managing budgets and asking all the right questions that enable us to give you more. With a background in finance and engineering, he's always exploring new ways to do things - and this we like!

Our team is Yorkshire based, are around to chat should you need their words of wisdom. They are all very hands on, wi th their heart and soul going into each development.Maple doesn't work on hundreds of developments at a time, we work on a handful, 
so each one gets the personal attention it deserves.

We've been in business over 25 years. We've always known a lot about building homes, but what we've learnt as time has gone on, is about people. We've learnt how people live, what makes them happy, what they strive for, what they aspire for - and we've noted all of this, to help us build for the future.

We've recently had a management buy out and the team is in place for the next generation of the business, excited to make new headway full steam ahead. We're a passionate bunch, all working together to share knowledge, experience and best practice, to produce results that really stand out in the marketplace.

We've built homes nationwide, but our home is Yorkshire and we'd be telling porkies if we said our heart was anywhere else.

We're now excited to be launching our very latest development Woodhouse Vale in Leeds, and with it, our bespoke approach to housebuilding.

We really hope we get to work with you to help you create a home you can be really proud of. We give you more, and help you shape it to your life - that's worth exploring right?

Speak to one of our home creators today, call Maple Homes on 0800 205 5577